August 23, 2015 Update

Dear Third Grade Families,

We had a wonderful week together with many opportunities to begin to build our school family.  A few highlights from this past week:  In Reading we read A Bad Case of Stripes  to introduce comprehension strategies:  connecting to prior knowledge, visualizing, asking questions, making predictions and inferences, and vocabulary study.  In Math we reviewed place value, created 1000 books, sequenced quantities on a number line, and rounded to the hundreds place with games.  In Writing we reviewed sentences and began cursive handwriting.  During Science we studied the Scientific Method with activities called “Rescue Fred” and “Dancing Raisins”.  Students began their Interactive Notebooks for Science too!  Students also had the chance to meet with all their Specials teachers at least once.


Academics this week:

Readers’ Workshop:  We will continue our introduction to reading comprehension strategies with The Bad Case of Stripes and excerpts from the Wayside School series.  Students will also begin The Daily 5 structure to organize their reading time.  This week students will get a practice spelling sort, follow the directions in the assignment notebook or on the homework calendar.  The following week each student will be assigned to a spelling group appropriate for him or her.

Writers’ Workshop:  This week students will continue to review sentence types, subjects, and predicates.  We will continue cursive handwriting and begin keyboarding on the Chromebooks in the classroom.

Math:  Place value will be our main focus this week, with review of time and money during the “10 Minute Math” sections.  We will wrap up the week with rounding and expanded notation.  Students can expect homework in math on Monday and Tuesday this week.

Science:  This week in science we are going to begin our study of light.  Students will understand that light is a form of energy, that it travels in a straight path, light reflects and can be absorbed, and it has many properties.

Environmental Education:  Ms. Naomi will be our guest for Phenology on Thursday morning.  She will lead students through the introduction to the study of plants over time.  Students will make written observations and illustrations in their Phenology journals.  We will begin Magic Spots NEXT week after the Nature Journals are ready.

Specials:  All students will meet with their Specials teachers this week!

Dates to Remember:

8/24     Band Assembly during AM

8/26     Picture Day

8/27     Parent Band Meeting @ 7:00

9/1        Comstock Curriculum Night 6:00 – 7:00

9/2        Early Release

9/7        Labor Day (no school)

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us by email.  Remember that emergencies should first be reported to the office and then to the classroom.

I think that we are going to have two great years together.


Cynthia McGovern