Assessment is in the Air

At this point in the trimester, many of our units are coming to a close. With that said, here are some notes about the upcoming assessment taking place:

  • ELA-With literature circle books finished, students are working on creating a Character Bag. Attached is the instruction sheet and the rubric. They were given time in class last week, yesterday, and today to work on it. Paper bags and any of the final pages should be kept in students ELA folders until they are ready to put everything together. They will be placing 10 items into the bag and then presenting how those items are representative of a selected character  from their lit circle book. The final bag is due Thursday, 10/8.
  • Math- Groups have finished presenting math strategies and we will now be spending all of class on Wednesday and Thursday reviewing concepts from Unit 1. I have the math test scheduled for Friday, but if I see the need for pushing the exam to Monday I will let students know and it will be posted to my Homework Calendar. This exam will cover the following concepts: 

    • prime factorization
    • zero-patterns
    • equivalence in multiplication
    • multiplication strategies
    • division strategies
    • word problems
    • order of operations
    • Application of the following terms: factor, multiple, place value
  • Social Studies- This week we will be wrapping up our “Dig” unit. Students are presenting their artifact analysis to their class with their committee. From there, students independently are working on a document/Google form explaining to me what they infer about the mystery culture. After this, the reveal of each classes culture will take place. We will be moving to our “Bones & Stones” unit.