April 10, 2016 Update

Dear Third Grade Families,

One week of PARCC testing out of the way!  The students completed two ELA tests last week, students have two more next week.  One ELA on Monday, and one Math on Tuesday.  The sessions went well and students were able to stay engaged and focused during both testing times.

The rest of our week was spent working on fractions, grammar, and solving design problems in science.

Academics this week:

ELA:  This week most of our ELA time will be dedicated to the PARCC testing sessions.  For our Core reading work we will continue to study poetry by connecting artists to the genre.  Guided Reading groups are slowly moving forward.  Spelling practice will be consolidated and students should do a writing sort on Monday, buddy sort on Tuesday, and study for the test on Wednesday.  We will test on Thursday.  Core words are:  brought, close, nothing, though, idea, before, lived, became, add, become.  Content words are:  mixture, dissolve, solution, suspend, transparent.  In writing we will finish typing up our personal narratives and adjectives in grammar.  

Math:  We will continue to study fractions using Eureka Math.  This week our focus will be on equivalent fractions using a visual model, equivalent fractions using visual models and number lines, and expressing whole numbers as fractions and recognize equivalence with different units.  Students will bring home practice work on Wednesday and Thursday.  

Science:  We are changing gears and looking at conservation of matter in solutions and mixtures.  We will be using simple everyday materials to create mixtures and solutions which will react together in safe ways.  We should have a fun week in science!

Environmental Ed:  This week the weather will allow us to go out for some serious nature journaling.  It seems like Mother Nature has really been messing with us!

Dates to Remember:

4/12   PARCC Math
4/14 Mrs. McG to San Antonio, TX and San Diego, CA (Air Force graduation and to welcome our first grandchild!!)
4/15 No School
4/18   EARTH WEEK commences….
4/20  Early Release
4/27   Farm to Table