Apple Cider Days

Another reason to love fall… apple cider! Our classes really enjoyed the apple cider sale sponsored by the 3rd and 4th grade this past week. While some of us enjoyed the cider cold, most of us chose the hot cider. What a perfect treat on a fall day! Thank you for your help in supporting this fundraiser.
In ELA this week, we are moving into the last third of Esperanza Rising. Questions in Google Classroom on Chapters 7 & 8 are due on Tuesday and Chapters 9 & 10 should be read by Tuesday as well. The pace of this book is really picking up, and several students have asked if they could read ahead. I think this is a great idea, and anyone who is interested is more than welcome to do that. The text has recently led us to a discussion about the United Farm Workers Strike, and we’ve learned about Cesar Chavez and his work with the labor movement. A discussion of current events in the Chicago Public Schools was also part of our classroom lessons. Please note that spelling tests for Groups 1 & 2 will be on Monday, and all groups will have a spelling test on Friday of this week. Now that the students are comfortable with the sorts and activities expected of them for their spelling words, we will be moving through the lessons on a weekly rather than bi-weekly basis. This means that all groups will have a test every Friday after receiving their words on Monday. Class and study hall time will be provided for work on spelling sorts and activities, but any extra practice you can provide your child at home is always appreciated.
In social studies, we will continue to review the events leading up to the Revolutionary War and move into the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. As Mr. Hurwitz mentioned, we also drafted laws for the Conservation Cities the students are creating in science. The students had some great ideas – I think we may have some future lawmakers in our midst!
Last Friday we had our first meeting with our 5/6 Crews. Crews are multi age groups of students who will meet weekly to discuss topics related to social/ emotional development. Each teacher/ IA team has a crew of 24 students who come from all four classes. It is an opportunity for them to share ideas and support each other in a safe, welcoming setting. Ms. Gernady and Ms. Meyer will also participate regularly in these meetings. Please see this handout from Curriculum Night or reach out to any of us if you have questions about this exciting program!