First Academic Update of 2016-17 & Important Dates to Know

By the end of this week students will have experienced an introduction to the first units of study for the year. Here is some background information on what they will be working on:

ELA: Students have been working on building up their writing stamina. There will be weekly writing sessions where students will be going through the writer’s workshop process to improve pieces on the topic of their choice. The first type of piece we will be working on this year is personal narrative.

Also in ELA, students will soon begin reading our first book of the year, Esperanza Rising. On a related note, we will also be starting our first read-aloud book of the year, Fish in a Tree. Be on the look out next week for the first set of vocabulary and/or spelling words your child should be studying each week as well! Lastly, once Chromebooks are passed out for the year, each week your child will have a current events article to turn in via Google Classroom (online). Please click here to read about our Current Events assignment for the year.

Social Studies: Our first unit of study in social studies this year is US Government. We have already read an introductory essay and highlighted key points. Students will be studying the US Constitution (Preamble and Articles 1-10), as well as the 3 branches of government (including checks and balances). Please click here to read the unit’s introductory letter.

Math: Similar to last year, I am teaching 5th grade math (as is Mrs. Neil). For details on what your student in learning if they are a sixth grader, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mr. Barber and Mr. Hershiser. 5th graders are starting out the year thinking about numbers and what they mean to them, how we determine the “value” of a digit, and how to break up large numbers so they are easier to work with (using expanded form). Please click here to read the math unit’s introductory letter, it features great detail and a number of resources that may be useful as your child works through Unit 1.

Important Dates to Know:

  • August 29: Picture Day
  • August 31: 5th grade Math NWEA testing
  • September 1: 6th grade Math NWEA testing
  • September 2: Turner Homeroom ELA NWEA testing
  • TBA: Tomatoes Jubilee
  • September 13: Carson Building Curriculum Night

I hope everyone is hearing about these topics at home as well! If you have any questions/concerns, please let me know. Thank you.