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Academic Update 11/29

ELA: We are continuing our study of roots, with our Lesson 10 quiz on Thursday of this week. Students will be concluding their reading of John Muir’s biography this week. To go along with our biographical studies, students started a project in class today. 12 people were offered as options, I drew sticks for students to select a person to read a biography about. On December 12th we will be having presentations based on the project described here. Students will be giving a speech as the person they read about and either dress up to exemplify them or dress a 2-liter bottle to exemplify them. Your child has a hard-copy packet describing this in their ELA folder.

Math: Students have been working on an art installation by designing and building rectangular prisms with a small group. We will then be displaying them with the help of Mrs. Flaig around the room and in the garden. This application will close out our unit and the final assessment will take place later this week (Thursday or Friday).

Social Studies: The results of the Election to Name the Gym are still being finalized. In the meantime, this week we began our study of National Parks and US Geography. In class we began a docu-series on the process of solving initial problems that came along with National Parks. Later this unit, students will have a chance to research a National Park of interest, create a map and brochure of said park, and inform their peers about what makes their park unique. Additionally, students have been emailed some resources to review and practice States and Capitals. Homework for this unit will be: 5 minutes at home every night studying using these resources. This is not to be done during class time with other teachers/academics. Please go in order:

2) State Geography and Capitals Practice (Placement to build Mind-map)