A Win for the Bears!

Nothing like a great Bears game to start the week off strong! As we get ready for the week ahead, here’s a quick update on what’s happening in the classroom. Last Wednesday, Mrs. Neil’s class met with their Book Buddies for the first time. We are paired with Ms. Mui’s 2nd grade class, and we had a great time getting to know our buddies better! Some pictures are attached. Our class also had their first solo spot trip to the horseshoe around Lake Leopold. For families new to PCCS, “solo spots” is a place we return to throughout the year for independent nature observation and journaling. Through our solo spots we find ways to connect and appreciate the natural world around us.
In ELA we have read the first four chapters of Esperanza Rising and we will read two more chapters this week. There are written assignments that accompany our reading of the text, so please encourage your child to keep up with both the reading and assignments. If you feel that your child is struggling with the pages assigned, I will be offering a book club on Wednesday for anyone who needs some extra time to read. This club will meet during recess and would be an excellent opportunity for students to catch up if they are falling behind.
Also, we will have a spelling test on Tuesday for any students that did not take a spelling test last week. Since each ELA class is split into 4-5 spelling groups, we alternate groups for testing each week. Please ask your student which group they are in.
On Monday we will start our group presentations on the Migration books we’ve been studying. These presentations are graded as final assessments. They will be entered as a project grade in PowerSchool and weighted as 50% of the final grades. Later in the week we will start our new unit on the three branches of government.
Please make a note that we will not have school on Friday due to a teacher inservice. Monday is also a non-attendance day in observance of Columbus Day.