A Time to Give Thanks

With the first trimester behind us and Thanksgiving coming up, this seems like a perfect time to thank you all for sharing your children with us. The challenges they have successfully navigated and the growth they have made inspire us to begin our second trimester! It is truly a privilege to work with the students and families here at PCCS and we really appreciate all of you.
At Student Attended Conferences next week, we look forward to celebrating your student’s accomplishments as well as set some goals for the next trimester. It often feels like our short 15 minute time slots are not enough time to address all concerns. If this happens, I am happy to schedule an additional meeting with you at another time, however, on Monday and Tuesday, we will need to stick to the 15 minutes available. Thank you in advance for your understanding as we try to accommodate as many conferences as possible. Also, please remember the Scholastic Book Fair is coming to PCCS during conferences. You can visit the homepage HERE to learn about the E-Wallet. We also have a volunteer sign up page available to those who want to help. 

Due to our short week, we will not have spelling sorts on Monday. Instead, we will finish reading John Muir: My Life in Nature. As they read, students have been asked to make a list of 20 facts they find in the book that document the important events and accomplishments of John Muir. This list is due on Monday, December 2nd, however, we encourage all students to finish before leaving for break. When we return from break, each class will go on a “Muir Trek” with their homeroom teachers, plus Mrs. Flaig and Ms. Naomi. Our class will go on Wednesday, December 4th, and Mr. Hurwitz’s class will go on either Thursday or Friday of that week. During these 90 minute hikes, students choose which direction they would like to take, and we stop several times along the way to observe and enjoy the natural world around us. Please ensure that your child has appropriate outdoor gear on these days. Thank you!
In social studies, we will continue our discussion of the Constitution, including the Preamble and the Bill of Rights. As I mentioned last week, there is a lot of information to cover, but your students have accepted the challenge and are working hard in class.
We wish everyone a restful and Happy Thanksgiving!