A Sweet Week

As Valentine’s Day approaches, this week promises to be sweet! Please encourage your student to make a valentine card for the class that we can display in the room. Also, we will have our 5/6 Marketplace on Valentine’s Day as well as a fun PBIS celebration in the gym. This celebration highlights the positive attitudes and acts of kindness we see at PCCS every day. Thank you for all you do at home to encourage your students to demonstrate empathy, compassion, and respect to others!
In ELA this week, we will recognize the upcoming President’s Day holiday with a comparison of President Washington and President Lincoln. After reading a short biography of each president, the students will investigate the ways each president made an impact on our country. Although these lessons focus on reading and writing skills, they are also a great tie-in to our government unit earlier this trimester in social studies. Spelling tests this Tuesday will be given to SBSN Spellers, Llamacorns, Taco Cats, and Puppies, and the Connect Five Reading Log #3 will be due for both classes on Thursday. Detailed instructions for this assignment can be found in Google Classroom. 

In social studies we are wrapping up our National Park presentations and moving into US geography. Starting with the east coast and moving south and west, this is a great time to practice states and capitals with your student. Flashcards are a very effective study tool! Our US geography unit will include several mapping activities as well as quizzes and tests on all 50 states and capitals. As I begin to enter grades for the National Park research paper, I’ve noticed that several students did not turn in notecards for this report. These notecards are a significant part of their social studies grade. Please check to be sure your student returns their notecards to me so they can receive credit for their hard work. Thank you!
Please make a note of the following important dates:
Tuesday,February 12th- Girls Home Basketball Game 4:00 pm
Thursday,February 14th- PBIS Celebration
Friday,February 15th- No Student Attendance, Teacher In-service
Monday, February 18th- No School, Presidents Day
Wednesday,February 20th- Lottery Open House 7:00 pm