A Sweet Ending to October

Although it was tough to watch my alma mater lose to Iowa on Saturday, I know the month will end on a high note with our upcoming Halloween celebration. There is still time to volunteer for the 5/6 Halloween party if you are able to do something behind the scenes or in the classrooms. The students are very excited for the party as well as our “Halloween Marketplace” which is also scheduled for Thursday afternoon. Definitely a fun day!
In ELA this week, all spelling groups will get a new list of words on Monday. These words should be sorted and written into ELA notebooks by Tuesday and two spelling activities will be due on Thursday. Tests will be given on Friday of this week. We will be reading the final two chapters of Esperanza Rising by Friday and begin preparing to write our first five paragraph essay about the novel. There will also be a multiple choice test to assess comprehension of the novel. This test will be given on Wednesday, November 6th.
In social studies we will take our quiz on the events leading up to the Revolutionary War on Tuesday.and begin to compare and contrast our Constitution to the Articles of Confederation. Your students are very interested in learning about our Founders and the birth of our nation, and we’re confident they will enjoy our Government unit.
As Mr. Hurwtiz mentioned, please check PowerSchool to find any missing assignments your child may have. These assignments are “flagged” as missing whenever scores are entered by the teachers or IAs. Missing work will still be accepted and credit (adjusted for late return) will be given. If your child submits a missing assignment in Google Classroom, please remind them to inform us through email so that we can look back through previous assignments. Unfortunately, Google Classroom does not alert us when an assignment has been resubmitted so notice from your student will give us an opportunity to re-grade the missing or incomplete work.
Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, October 29th – Board Meeting 7:00 pm Agenda
Wednesday, October 30th – Farm to Table
Thursday, October 31st – Kindergarten Halloween party @11:45,(Parade beginning of school day) 1st-6th grade Halloween party @2:15 (1st-4th parade 1:45)
Sunday, November 3rd- Daylight Saving Time Ends – FALL BACk
Monday, November 4th – PSO restaurant night at Chipotle 4-8pm
Monday, November 11th – Veterans Day assembly
Thursday, November 14th – Mawald & Literacy Night