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A Student Perspective: Our 6th Grade Blog Begins


As part of our class economy, students all have jobs within the classroom. One new position this year is “class blogger”. First trimester, our weekly student blog will be brought to you by Lily. Please enjoy:

Monday, September 18th:
Welcome to the 6th grade blog. Today we had two specials, a music lesson in the morning where we were learning about counting beats, and composing our own sequences. Ms Turner’s class is going to be playing our sequences on the drums next lesson (fingers crossed). We also had Spanish, we were creating a conversation that we will perform on Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 19th:
Today we had P.E, in the morning, we were playing games with frisbees. It was really fun! We are looking forward to social studies because we will be digging up the artifacts that Mr. H’s class buried last week. Then later in the week, or next week we will be creating a museum exhibit of their artifacts. Most of the class is looking forward to later today, when we’ll present our Spanish skits. We also have a Spanish test to take (most people aren’t looking forward to that).

Looking forward:
We are all excited for the Tomato Jubilee which we’ll be doing on Friday. Fifth and sixth grades will be preparing a meal, using the tomatoes that we grew and harvested over the summer and earlier in the year. We are also having book buddies on Wednesday, with our 2nd grade buddies. That will be a lot of fun!