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A Short Week Ahead

As we get ready for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we will enjoy a short two day week this week. On Monday in ELA, we will start a Gratitude Journal in tradition with the message of Thanksgiving. As a teacher and a parent, I think it is so important to teach gratitude to our children. In fact, studies have shown that students with an “attitude of gratitude” display higher levels of optimism, increased life satisfaction, and decreased negative feelings. If you’re interested, please¬†read this article¬†for more information on the study.
We will also continue our Biome unit in science with a focus on the grassland and savanna biome. I mentioned to the class that there will be a few videos shown and shared with them during this unit. I invited each student to bring a pair of headphones or earbuds if they want to watch or review any of these videos on their own time during class or at study hall. I can keep these headphones in a safe place for them, or they can keep them in their locker. If you choose to send headphones/ earbuds to school, please discuss with your child if you would like them stored in a locker or with me. Also, each student in the class has chosen a biome to do an independent project on over the next few weeks. These projects will mostly be done on the students’ own time. Ask your child which biome they have chosen to study.
Our read aloud book this month has been the biography of the well known conservationist, John Muir. Since John Muir is so important to our school and the conservation movement, we have decided to devote two hours of our week on a “Muir Trek.” Led by Ms. Naomi and Mrs. Flaig, a Muir Trek is an opportunity for our class to be conscious and joyful in being outdoors, in direct contact with the earth. There will be time to sit and reflect on the natural world as we “wander” together. Our class is scheduled for the Muir Trek on Tuesday from 8:30 – 10;30. Please be sure your child dresses appropriately for the weather and brings a water bottle for the walk.
I am looking forward to meeting with all of you – and your students – during conferences this week. Book fair information was sent home with your child on Friday. Please consider visiting the book fair before or after conferences.