A Restful Weekend

Whether you’ve spent the weekend at sporting events or other outdoor activities or just enjoyed some time to relax, we hope you all had a nice break. Our shorter week ahead promises be busy both inside and outside the classroom.
In ELA, groups 3,4, and 5 will have their spelling tests on Tuesday. Students should turn in two activities they have done to prepare for the test on that day as well. After finishing Chapters 1-6 in Esperanza Rising last week, we will begin reading Chapters 7-8 by Wednesday and Chapters 9-10 by Friday. Please help your child keep up with the reading to avoid falling behind, which can cause undue frustration.
In social studies, we will have our Thirteen Colonies vocabulary quiz on Tuesday. Study guides in Google Classroom are also due on Tuesday. This quiz was supposed to be given last Thursday, but due to a scheduling issue, we decided to postpone until this Tuesday. After the quiz, we will continue our study of the events leading up to the Revolutionary War and begin to compare Patriots and Loyalists.
We have been working hard on the 5/6 gardens and have developed an attachment to the insect and plant life (minus the weeds) that we’ve found. We will continue our work – weather permitting – this week. We plan to cover the garden beds with a layer of leaves to take advantage of the nutrients we can add to the soil through composting. If you would be willing to send in a lawn bag or two after an afternoon of raking, we would happily take them off your hands!
Mrs. Neil and Mrs. Zimmerman’s class had fun getting to know their book buddies from Mrs. Mui’s room earlier this month. Please see pictures below. We are looking forward to some Halloween fun together later in the month. And speaking of Halloween, the room parents are busy planning our Halloween party. Please let them know if you can donate items or volunteer your time. The 5th and 6th graders do not participate in the school parade, but the students can dress up in costume before the party. When shopping for a costume, please avoid weapons and masks that cover the face. Thank you!