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A Great First Week!

Thanks for the enthusiastic start to our school year. We have really enjoyed meeting this amazing group of 5th graders, and we are excited for what promises to be a great year! As we continue to settle into our routine remotely, please let us know of any difficulties you may be having. We completely understand that there is a lot to learn, but rest assured, we are all in this together! If you’re having trouble during a scheduled class, please try to reach out to Mrs. Zimmerman or Miss King. They are doing everything they can to keep tabs on email during the instructional time. Logging out of Zoom and logging back in could be a simple fix to connection issues.

In social studies we have been talking about Migration and the reasons people move from one place to another. We will continue to explore this topic this week with a National Geographic text on Migration. This reading material will be scanned and posted in Google Classroom. Using this text we will introduce some close reading strategies that students can use when reading non-fiction beginning with the identification of key ideas and supporting details.

In ELA we have been focusing on fiction reading strategies, including finding a book that is a good fit and writing and talking about how a book makes us feel. At this point, your students should have chosen a book to read independently. They should keep this book in their “workspace” so they can pick it up to read whenever they have time. We ask that they read 20-30 minutes every school day and log their reading on their Digital Reading Log which can be found in Google Classroom-ELA. All students have also been given access to Epic which is an online library many have used in the past. There are a wide variety of great books to choose from in this library, as well as several audiobooks. Listening to an audiobook is always a great option. Please note that the  “Read to Me” tab on Epic allows students to hear the book read aloud while following along with the text, but the “Audiobook” option does not display the text.

On Monday, we will begin working on the reading assignment that was sent home during the first supply pick up. This packet will take us through the story, “The Best Part.” We will guide the students through the work each day so there is nothing they need to do before Monday. Our next materials pick up will be Friday, August 28th from 3:00-4:00. This pick up will be in the gym carpool circle and bags will be brought to your car as you pull through. At this time, please drop off the bags that you picked up on the first day of school with any completed work (including the parent “homework” to tell us about your child). Be sure that any work returned has a first and last name on it. We will rotate between two sets of bags each week we have scheduled a pick up – one to drop off and one to pick up.

To keep up with additional news from the school, please save the PCCS Parent Portal information: username= PCCSparent & password= PCCS_2021Hawks. Through the parent portal you can access our webpages using the “Our Team” tab and selecting “Teachers.”

Mrs. Caruth, our Speech and Language Pathologist, has asked us to share her Zoom information for anyone scheduled to meet with her during the day:


Zoom ID:  997 506 6052

Passcode:   581412

Future Dates:

  • Friday, August 28 – Materials Pick-Up
  • Friday, September 4 – Early Release
  • Monday, September 7   Labor Day- No School
  • Friday, September 11 – Materials Pick-Up
  • Friday, September 25 – Materials Pick-Up