A Few Reminders

I’m sorry that I’ve been out sick these last two days before break! Before everyone leaves for a much deserved week off, I wanted to be sure we had touched base with a few things.

After spring break, students will begin PARCC testing. Please help your child be prepared for success by getting a good night’s sleep and healthy breakfast. All testing will begin at 8:10 each morning, so arriving to school on time is also important. Below is the schedule of 5th grade PARCC testing.

Wed April 5th: 5th grade ELA 1
Thurs April 6th: 5th grade ELA 2
Fri April 7th: 5th grade ELA 3
Mon April 10th: 5th grade Math 1
Tues April 11th: 5th grade Math 2
Wed April 12th: 5th grade Math 3
Thurs April 13th: 5th grade Math 4

Thank you all for your patience and support while we have begun the process of planning for both Earth Week and the camping trip. Also, thank you to the many volunteers who are making these trips possible! With all of the paperwork flying around, here are digital copies to anything you currently may need:
Earth Week Green Home in Wild Wood field trip: April 17
Earth Week Nature Museum field trip: April 18 (please remember to send in quarters for our Butterfly Adoption)
Earth Week Bike Trip field trip: April 19
Camping Trip Commitment Form: Warren Dunes May 23-25
Camping Trip Volunteer Chaperone Form due by April 7th
Lastly, while there is only minimal homework over spring break, I wanted to remind the class to have their TWAS letters signed and complete the Journey to Jo’burg packet by Tuesday, April 4th. Also, anyone in my math class should be sure to have the Division with Fractions word problems (Sets 1 and 2) completed when we return.