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A Fall Break

We hope you’ve had a chance to rest and recharge during this extended weekend break. The shorter week that follows will be filled with more fun and learning while wrapping up some of our activities and getting ready to dive into something new.
In ELA, we will finish our discussion of the book, My Diary from Here to There as we practice our close reading skills to uncover the author’s purpose and cite evidence to make inferences about the text. On Wednesday, we will begin a new set of spelling words on There will be nine activities to do for these words before our test on Wednesday, October 21st. A goal of at least two spelling activities per day will ensure that these activities are completed before the test. As the week ends, we will begin reading the novels that were sent home in the materials bags last Wednesday. Everyone was given one of two novels to read, Esperanza Rising or The Orphan of Ellis Island. There was a lot of excitement surrounding these books when they were sent home so we permitted students to begin reading. Starting on the novels, however, will not be a requirement until Thursday.
In social studies, we will perform our Reader’s Theater skits for both classes and begin to wrap up our Thirteen Colonies unit. A final group poster project and a unit test will be completed over the next two weeks. Students can expect a test for the unit on Monday, October 26th.
We hope everyone has picked up their Chromebooks and has started to become comfortable using them. It is essential that all students now use the Chromebook for their school assignments. Students should always log onto their student accounts using Chrome.This way the school’s online security software can be used to its fullest capacity, and we can ensure that all students use the internet safely. You may elect to purchase a case for the Chromebook, however, it is not required. Stickers should not be added to the computer itself, but could be added to a protective case if desired. Please let us know if you have any questions about the use of the Chromebook. Thanks!
As Mrs. Psimaras and Miss King mentioned, the many notes we received in the materials bags really made our week. We are truly grateful for all of the kind words and we are so happy to be sharing this year with such a great group of students and parents.Thank you for all of your support!