A Big Week

With Taste of the World on Monday and our camping trip right around the corner, this promises to be a big week! We are very excited to sample the recipes your students are bringing in tomorrow. If you are planning to drop food off for them during the day, please bring it to school around 11:00-11:30. We will be setting up in the gym at 11:30. The event will begin at 12:15 and end at 3:00. Please join us if you’re able!
In ELA this week, we will continue our reading of Red Scarf Girl and Journey to Jo’Burg. Your child should have a copy of one of these novels. The test for Red Scarf Girl and the essay questions for Journey to Jo’Burg will be due on Tuesday, May 28th. Our final spelling test of the year for Disney, Squishy Bananas, Yellow Submarine, and Australian Hawks will be this Tuesday. And, in social studies, we will be working on a World Geography Travel Agent project to continue our study of our global society.
Our last Boot Camp hike to prepare for our camping trip will be this Thursday. Your children have been learning a lot about expectations for the trip, and we are all getting excited for a great time at Warren Dunes. Please be sure to review the camping notes your child has written down. All students should have a parent signature verifying that these notes have been discussed at home. As Mr. Hurwitz mentioned, Mr. Stewart and Mrs. Zimmerman have been working tirelessly to collect all paperwork for the trip. Please return any outstanding paperwork or fees to school as soon as possible. Also, if you have any concerns about your child spending this time away from home, please send us an email. We would like to address any insecurities your child may have before leaving on the trip. Thank you!