A Beautiful Week-end

I hope everyone had an opportunity to get out this week-end and enjoy the beautiful weather – it’s nice to see that Spring has finally arrived! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for similar weather on our camping trip! Speaking of the trip, forms were due last Friday. If you have any forms left to turn in, please do so as soon as possible!! Thank you!

If your child will not be joining us on the camping trip, they will be responsible for completing an alternative assignment that will be graded and entered into their 3rd trimester grades. This assignment covers all subject areas – math, science, social studies, and ELA – and pertains to the geography and ecosystem of the Warren Dunes. Your child will be assigned another 5/6 or 7/8 classroom to work in. There will be staff members to help them with their assignments, so please plan to send them to school. It will be much easier for them to get their work done at school where they will have support.

This week in science we will begin our Code Blue unit on the body systems. Each student will be assigned a specialty (i.e., Cardiology), and they will be responsible for learning all about their specialty. Then they will teach other members of their clinic so everyone understands each system. There will be “Boards” to take along the way which they will have to pass. This is a fast paced, fun unit that the kids are looking forward to.

In ELA, we have finished our unit on Journey to Jo’Burg and we will begin reading the non-fiction book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Given our limited time remaining in the year, we will divide the book up into sections and assign students to read 3-4 chapters and share out with the class. Although everyone will read the first two chapters, please ask your child which other chapters they are responsible for.

We have earned another class reward by meeting our goal of 1,000 Hawk’s Tickets!! The class has voted on another movie/PJ party. I am hoping to have this party on Thursday, May 11th, and we are planning to watch Bedtime Stories.