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9/9/2022 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

The transition to fifth grade is always a big one, and this year more than ever before, we are noticing it. We support all of our students at school in adjusting to the increased expectations and demands that fifth grade brings. With built-in times for social connection in our day, we expect good listening during important instructional times. We are committed to maintaining a productive learning environment for all of our students which is as free from disruption as possible. Additionally, we expect them to view the teacher and instructional assistants as adults with authority at school who deserve to be listened to respectfully.

This weekend, we would be grateful if you would please have a conversation with your child about the importance of meeting 5th grade expectations:

  1. Listen and follow directions
  2. Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your seat
  3. Keep hands and feet to yourself
  4. Respect your classmates and teachers

By working together to reinforce these important behaviors, we can continue to build success in fifth grade. Thank you for your support!

A Warm Welcome: We are pleased to have Mrs. Poornima Venugopalan join our 5th/6th grade team as an Instructional Assistant next week. 

Tomato Jubilee Next Week:  Please view the attached flyer about Tomato Jubilee on Friday, September 16th, and check out volunteer opportunities.

Psimaras Math:

  • Discussed the differences among perimeter, area, volume, and surface area
  • Practiced factoring  numbers and relating numbers to the dimensions of an array
  • Completed word problems related to perimeter and area and turned in weekly spiral review
  • Next week we will make posters comparing perimeter, area, volume, and surface area


  • Began the catapult experiment to determine if weight affects the distance of the projectile
  • Created a data table of three trials per weight and will average the results
  • Continued to collect data for the carrot experiment
  • Next week, we will make and analyze bar and line graphs and write a conclusion to the experiment in the catapult lab books

Social Studies:

  • This week we have been learning about becoming a citizen.
  • Students have been working interviewing family members to learn about their family’s immigration story.
  • Next week, students will share their stories by presenting their immigration float (project details are in Google Classroom) – Due Tuesday!

Language Arts:

  • Students have been reviewing nouns and adjectives.
  • We have finished the first two chapters in our novel, Esperanza Rising, and have been looking at the characters and making predictions of what might happen next.
  • Next week we will continue to work on our novel study

Upcoming Dates:

9/13  – Curriculum Night Comstock Building 6-7pm (location TBA)

9/15 – Curriculum Night Carson Building 6-7 pm (location TBA)

9/16 – Grades 5 & 6 Tomato Jubilee 9:15-12:30pm

9/16 – Early Release