9/3 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Your students did a great job this week with the NWEA and AIMSweb tests for both reading and math. They have also been hard at work with their classroom jobs and remembering the routines and expectations of the classroom. After this busy week, we hope you find some time to relax and enjoy time with family over this long weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Tuesday!
ELA News:
  • Continued practice on reading and writing skills through IXL
  • Began planning our Personal Narrative Essays
  • Re-read the book, My Diary from Here to There, to answer comprehension questions using text evidence
  • Next week we will begin drafts of our essays and review close reading strategies with fictional text
Social Studies News:
  • Presented our “Welcome to Illinois” Immigration Posters
  • Discussed the author’s purpose for writing informational text
  • Reviewed vocabulary terms for our Migration test next Wednesday
  • Next week we will discuss the effects of population growth on local communities

Psimaras Math News:

  • Reviewed efficient methods of multiplication

  • Introduced Order of Operations as PEMDAS

  • We will learn how expressions with parentheses are used to determine surface area

  • Students: please complete at least 10 minutes of math IXL problems this weekend

Shin Math News:
  • Students were assigned a book project for Trimester 1. Students are expected to select a book by Tuesday, Sept. 7
  • Students took an extensive look at proportional relationships and how to use the equation y=kx
  • Students utilized ratio tables and double number line graphs to determine unknown quantities in a proportional relationship
  • Next week, students will have completed the first half of Module 1 and can expect to take Module 1 Mid-Module Assessment on Friday, Sept. 10.

 Science News:

  • Defined parts of the hypothesis using the form “If, then, because”

  • Measured mass in grams using a balance scale to understand the collection of data in an experiment

  • Read information about the term “Energy” with a focus on potential and kinetic energy

  • We will explore variables to understand how a catapult works using the scientific method process

Have a great long weekend,
The 5th Grade Team