9/24 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

A big thank you to the PSO and the parents who provided and volunteered for the wonderful Fun Food Friday pizza lunch today. The students and staff enjoyed the special treat! Here’s an update on the week’s events:

ELA News:

  • Reviewed spelling words with ABC Order, Word Chains, and Words in Words
  • Read “The Dog Didn’t Eat My Homework” while looking for text evidence in fiction text
  • Added middle paragraphs to our Personal Narrative essays
  • Next week we’ll practice using text evidence to make an inference

Social Studies News:

  • Read Time for Kids: A New School Year
  • Began our Thirteen Colonies unit
  • Took notes on the three regions of the Thirteen Colonies
  • Next week we’ll continue learning through Reader’s Theatre skits

Shin Math News:

  • Determined unit rates in problems given in words, tables, graphs, or equations
  • Used unit analysis to convert unit measurements into different unit measurements
  • Solved distance = rate x time problems
  • Next week, students look at percent as a rate per 100

Psimaras Math News:

  • Used double and halving strategy to evaluate multiplication problems
  • Compared measurement of perimeter, area, volume, and surface area
  • Discussed the area model of division
  • Will use ratio tables to solve division problems and solve story division story problems with remainders

Science News:

  • Graphed data using a bar graph
  • Analyzed their data and started to write a conclusion to their catapult experiment
  • Will begin to design a game with rules and strategies using a catapult

Market Place on Monday: 

Students will have an opportunity to sell or buy small items to purchase using their Hawks Tickets that have been earned in the class economy and saved in their MyKidsBank account. Participation is optional.

Mark Your Calendar:

9/28 – First-trimester Midterms

9/28 – PCCS Soccer @North Prairie 4:00 pm

9/30 – PCCS Soccer Home Game vs Emmons 4:00 pm

9/30 – PCCS XC @Stanton 4:00

10/0 – Photo Retakes