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9/23/2022 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

A huge thank you to the PSO and the parents who provided and volunteered for the wonderful Fun Food Friday pizza lunch today. The students and staff enjoyed the special treat! It was pleasure to celebrate Kreena Joshi, our 5th grade nominee for this month’s Natural Leader. This week we enjoyed a Joey FineRhyme presentation about regeneration and the importance of sustainable practices, a great introduction to our upcoming unit in science. Our social service team joined our classrooms today to talk about how to manage stress. A flyer was distributed to the students as a family conversation tool. We heard lots of great suggestions to follow if/when those feeling occur as well a great discussion with our students. The beginning of the fall season has certainly been busy!

Psimaras Math News:

  • Took Multiplication and Volume Checkpoint and offered full points back for test corrections. Students are asked to return next week with parent signature.
  • Used double and halving and the partial product strategy to evaluate multiplication problems
  • Next week, we will continue with division strategies, use ratio tables to solve multiplication problems and solve story division problems with remainders

Science News:

  • Discussed the engineering process as we think about a different catapult design and how to make rules and improvements on the catapult game project
  • Completed catapult lab books on our class catapult experiments
  • We will continue to present catapult games in class on Monday/Tuesday next week
  • Environment Ed…investigated a population growth problem and how that rate of change can have major effects in the future of our planet

Social Studies:

  • This week we started new unit on the 13 colonies
  • Students did a gallery walk to explore different aspects of Jamestown and have started reading about the other Southern Colonies
  • Next week we will add in the New England Colonies

Language Arts:

  • This week students focused on types of verbs and identifying them in Grammar as well as continued to work on building strong sentences.
  • We have been working on our novel, Esperanza Rising, and have gotten to a big turning point – ask your child about what exciting thing just happened to Mama that might change their lives forever!
  • This week we also started spelling groups.  Students have been given word lists to study.  On Monday they should be able to show at least three different ways they have worked with their words throughout the week.  Their quiz will be Tuesday.  I have created Google Classrooms for each spelling group where the lists are posted in case students need another copy!

Mark Your Calendar:

09/28/2022 – Board Meeting 7: Agenda coming soon 

10/06/2022 – Early Release 1:00 pm

10/07/2022 – No School – Teacher in Service

10/10/2022 – No School – Columbus Day  

10/16/2022 – PSO Harvest Fest 

10/21/2022 – October Natural Leader Assembly

10/28/2022 – Early Release