9/10 Newsletter


Dear Parents,

The transition to fifth grade is always a big one, and this year more than ever before, we are noticing it. Given the events of the past year and a half, this is understandable, and we know it will take more time to adjust than it does in a typical year. We support all of our students at school in adjusting to the increased expectations and demands that fifth grade brings, and we are asking to partner with you in reinforcing school expectations at home. 

We are noticing some difficulty keeping voices off during instructional time. With built-in times for social connection in our day, we expect good listening during important instructional times. We are committed to maintaining a productive learning environment for all of our students which is as free from disruption as possible. Additionally, we expect them to view both the teacher and instructional assistant as adults with authority at school who deserve to be listened to respectfully.

This weekend, we would be grateful if you would please have a conversation with your child(ren) about the importance of meeting 5th grade expectations:

  1. Listen and follow directions
  2. Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your seat
  3. Keep hands and feet to yourself
  4. Respect your classmates and teachers

By working together to reinforce these important behaviors, we can continue to build success in fifth grade. Thank you for your support!

Shin Math News:

  • Studied proportional relationships represented in a double number line, table, equation, and graph
  • Completed the first half of Module 1 and took the Mid-Module Assessment on Friday
  • Next week, students will begin studying rates and determine rates from ratios and proportional relationships

Psimaras Math News:

  • Compared volume and surface area of rectangular prisms; students are encouraged to explore the website posted in Google Classroom
  • Used mathematical reasoning and knowledge of volume to solve a better buy problem
  • Next week students will take the mid-unit Multiplication and Volume Checkpoint 
  • They will use ratio tables and the partial products multiplication strategy to efficiently solve problems

Science News:

  • Observed, collected, and measured the mass of carrots over the span of two weeks  
  • Constructed catapults to explore potential and kinetic energy
  • Began the controlled catapult experiment through the scientific method steps
  • We will record and graph the data in their Student Lab Book

ELA News:

  • After looking at a mentor text, students wrote an introduction for their Personal Narrative essay
  • Discussed ways to answer questions about literature
  • Defined text evidence and practiced using this skill to find answers from text
  • Next week we will begin our spelling lessons to prepare for weekly study and tests

Social Studies News:

  • Reviewed and took our unit test on Migration
  • Discussed ways a community would be affected by immigration
  • Discussed the significance of 9/11 and Patriot’s Day
  • Next week, we will work with our class “town councils” to create a welcoming environment for immigrants

Save the date: Thursday, September 16 Curriculum Night:

Please join us at 6:00-7:00pm for the 5th Curriculum Night. We look forward to sharing with you details about 5th Grade curriculum. We will record this presentation.

Mrs. Neil’s Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 628 735 8906

Passcode: 997024

Tomatoes Jubilee: Friday, September 17

Next Friday, we will be honoring a 5/6 tradition, Tomatoes Jubilee. This is a cooking experience for all 5th and 6th graders as they work together to make a meal with the produce grown in the 5/6 gardens. Afterward, we will share this meal together for lunch. If you would prefer that your child not eat the lunch provided, please send in an alternative lunch for that day. We will ask the students on Monday how many will be eating the prepared lunch so that we can plan to have enough ingredients on hand. 

Upcoming Dates:

9/13 – Comstock (K-4) Curriculum Night 6:00 pm

9/15 – Early Release 1:00 pm

9/16 – Carson (5-8) Curriculum Night 6:00 pm

9/21 – Outreach Committee Meeting 7:00 pm

9/23 – PSO General Meeting 7:00pm PCCS Market Square