8/27 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Temperatures definitely rose this week along with our enthusiasm. Our fifth grade students continue to come to school ready to learn and we are working on transitions between classes and entering each classroom ready to begin. Homework is written down in our assignment notebooks near the end of day during our Guided Learning Groups. We will also make a Homework Spreadsheet available to parents if you would like to check on any assignments whenever questions may arise at home. The link to our Homework Spreadsheet is attached. 
We will be administering the NWEA ELA test next Tuesday morning and the NWEA math test next Thursday morning. The 5th graders will also be taking the AIMSweb assessment in both reading and math on Wednesday of next week. These assessments will give us more information on the strengths of your students as well as areas for growth. And finally, please note that we will have school pictures taken next Tuesday. Order forms were sent home with the students this afternoon. 
ELA News:
  • Added Reading Strategies to our ELA notebook and practiced with fiction and non-fiction text
  • Brainstormed topic ideas for our Personal Narrative Essays
  • Began a writing piece of the students choosing for Writer’s Workshop
  • Next week we will begin outlining our Personal Narrative Essays with a Beginning, Middle, and End

Psimaras Math News:

  • Reviewed strategies using expressions with parentheses in students’ Multiplication Strategies Booklet

  • Worked on problems to understand the use of parentheses with the associative property of multiplication

  • Explored equivalent expressions using factor times factor

  • We will share strategies to determine surface area and discuss efficient methods for recording work as we continue in Unit 1

Shin Math News:

  • Students learned how to use tape diagrams to solve for equivalent ratios. 

  • Further, students used tape diagrams to solve for unknown quantities given limited information

  • Next week, students will utilize RATIO TABLES to find equivalent ratios and solve for unknown quantities

Science News:

  • Defined parts of the scientific method 

  • Discussed different science experiments to understand the process

  • Compared independent and dependent variables

  • We will learn the structure for a good hypothesis and understand guidelines for a catapult experiment

Social Studies News:
  • Completed a “Welcome to Illinois” immigration poster – this was due on Friday.
  • Began outlining details and main ideas from informational text 
  • Added notes on important vocabulary from the text to our social studies notebooks
  • Next week we will wrap up our Migration unit and begin reviewing for our unit test on Wednesday, 9/
Important Dates:
08/31/2021 – Picture Day
09/01/2021 – Soccer Game @Gavin South 4:00 pm
09/03/2021 – Early Release 1:00 pm
09/06/2021 – Labor Day No School
09/07/2021 – Soccer @Home vs Stanton 4:00 pm
09/08/2021 – XC Lakes Euro Challenge 4:00 pm
Save the Dates:
09/13/2021 – Comstock (K-4) Curriculum Night 6:00 pm
09/16/2021 – Carson (5-8) Curriculum Night 6:00 pm
Have a great weekend,
5th Grade Team