8/20 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

It has been a pleasure getting to know your students this week! We have a very energetic group of 5th graders who seem eager and ready to learn. They are switching classes and building their organizational skills more each day. It promises to be a great year!


ELA News:

  • Completed a writing pre-assessment to begin our Personal Narrative unit
  • Completed our spelling pretest for placement in Words Their Way
  • Set up our accounts on IXL to practice our writing and reading skills
  • We will begin to apply reading strategies to fictional text next week


Shin Math News:

  • Learned about classroom procedures, specifically how to enter the classroom and how to turn in homework 
  • Began studying RATIOS
  • We will spend next week continuing our study of ratios and students will learn how to apply ratios to situations


Psimaras Math News:

  • Discussed the terms of multiplication used in factors, products, perimeter, and area
  • Determined dimensions with volume using cubes and diagrams
  • Started Unit 1 Pretest that covers expressions, equations, and volume
  • We will learn about how factors, multiples, and the associative property are used in expressions


Social Studies News:

  • Set up our social studies notebooks
  • Began our Migration Unit with a discussion of immigration and the reasons people migrate
  • Took notes on key vocabulary words and discussed current events surrounding migration 
  • We will use nonfiction text to explore migration in greater detail next week


Science News:

  • Reflected on items and used observation to make claims
  • Took notes on the important elements of the scientific method
  • Organized their Interactive Science Notebook
  • We will learn how to set up experiments using the scientific process


Important Information/Dates:

Math Placement Procedure 

08/24/2021 – Board Meeting Agenda

08/31/2021 – Picture Day