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5th Grade News

Next week, students will follow a unique schedule as PCCS celebrates Earth Week! It is our plan to be outside as much as possible. Please have your child dress for the weather every day and have them prepared to bring rain gear, hats, and gloves as needed. Here are next week’s 5th Grade highlights:

  • Monday: Taking a Muir Trek to mimic John Muir’s longer hikes

  • Tuesday: Cooking using a campfire (firewood needed – please consider donating 1 or 2 logs before Tuesday)

  • Wednesday: Spending time with the 6th Graders on a picnic and hike

  • Thursday: Touring the Prairie Crossing Farm and participating in farm-related tasks

  • Friday: Hosting and managing a school-wide “Environment Olympics” (Please wear Earth Week t-shirts)


Math Placement News:


The Math Committee is finalizing math placement for your child’s 6th grade year. Students in the accelerated program or any student with a change of placement will receive a letter with information next week.


ELA News:

  • Finished reading the biography of John Muir, My Life with Nature

  • Completed nine journal entries describing our own personal experiences with nature

  • Began working on revising and editing our Flash Drafts before submitting a final copy on May 16th

Social Studies News:

  • Created a map of major US landforms

  • Read Time for Kids: Into the Metaverse and took the reading quiz

  • Took a test on states and capitals (optional) to earn extra credit points

Shin Math News:

  • Studied nets and surface areas of prisms

  • Constructed nets and labeled the appropriate lengths given solid shapes

  • Found surface area by calculating the area of the net

  • Next week, students calculate surface areas using a formula

Psimaras Math News:

  • Reviewed: the hierarchy of quadrilaterals, completed volume problems using V = LWH and V = BH, graphed coordinate points based on a context of a problem or situation

  • Completed Unit 6 Study Guide and took Geometry Unit 6 Test


Psimaras Science News:

  • Assembled puzzles to simulate the photosynthesis equation and discussed the importance of photosynthesis in our environment

  • Questioned how and why scientists are experimenting with photosynthesis in space

  • Took Photosynthesis Quiz


Important Dates:

04/18 – 04/22 – Earth Week

04/18 – Green Lake County Forum doors open at 6:00 pm, 7 pm

04/18 – Parent Elect Voting Begins

04/19 – Finance Committee Meeting @6:00pm – Agenda

04/19 – Third Trimester Midterm

04/22 – Natural Leader Assembly

04/22 – PSO Trivia Night