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5th Grade Math Update: Volume Project due Next Week

I.Project (10 points)

Using one of the approved resources I explained in class (linked below), design a 3D space designed on the handout from class (a dog’s perfect yard or your perfect classroom), with consideration of volume. At least two items need to be rectangular prisms with significant visible volume.

II.Prompts (3 points)

Complete this table to let me know you have

III.Paragraph (7 points)

Write a paragraph guided tour explaining your design. We will be doing a gallery walk next week, which means you will not be stationed with your design, and those visiting your design will need a written explanation of how and why you designed your space the way you did. Point out your favorite features, anything you think is especially cool and unique. You must incorporate at least 5 “math” words from the following list:

  • Base
  • Dimension
  • Volume
  • Area
  • Unit(s)- feet, inches, centimeters, meters
  • Length
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Cubed