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McGarry Newsletter 9/16/22

Ms. McGarry’s Newsletter

September 16th, 2022



   The students continued through Unit 1 in math where they learned more about how to break up larger math equations (such as 9×7) into smaller ones to find a solution. The students will be spending a majority of the upcoming week reviewing this information and all other content that has been learned in the previous weeks. We will be having our first unit test on Thursday 9/22



    I have been reading the interactive-read-aloud book The Gold-Threaded Dress by Carolyn Marsden. We introduced the Readers Notebook and answered questions to work on understanding of content. The several students completed AIMSweb testing make-ups throughout the week. The results from NWEA and AIMSweb will be available soon. Once all testing is completely final from all classes, the office will share more information and share the results with families. I will be conducting individual reading assessments for the student’s reading levels throughout the coming days of school.



    The students have continued to work through the writing workshop. Throughout the week, they have been learning about realistic fiction writing. We have been working on making believable characters and settings for stories. We will be working on learning how to write these stories and coming up with new ideas for them in the upcoming weeks.


Science and Environmental Education

   Thursday, the students went on a hike to Oak Openings to interact with the forest in person. They used their senses to describe the different parts of the forest they could see, touch, and smell. We will be having an activity with Ms. Naomi on Thursday (9/22) to introduce more information about our ECOHeroes field trip on Friday (9/30). Field trip permission slips are due on Monday, 9/19/22. If you have not seen the permission forms or lost it, I have attached a copy you can print out yourself. I also am asking for two parent volunteers to go on the field trip with us. If you volunteer, we are going to be outside all day so be prepared for that. If you do not have your volunteer paperwork filled out, that is okay, you can get the information in the office. I will attach a sign up genius link in this email.


During our science class, we continued our lesson on the forest. The students worked through their slideshow presentation and they explored independently as a supplement to what they will be learning in structured time about the forest. The students will continue learning about the forest next week into the next.


Other information

There will be a Spanish test Wednesday (9/22). I have attached the information to be tested from Ms. Roman below:


la clase – class       


el salón – classroom      


 la escuela – school 


book – el libro 


notebook –  el cuaderno


pencil – el lápiz 


folder – la carpeta


student – el estudiante 


teacher – la maestra/el maestro


marker – el marcador


paper – el papel 


eraser – el borrador


pencil sharpener – el sacapunta


pen – la pluma. el boligrafo, el lapicero 


scissors – la tijera


glue – el pegamento


board – la pizarra 


backpack – la mochila 


chair – la silla         


 table – la mesa


It is the first Fun Food Friday on 9/23! Information has been sent out by the PSO on 9/14 and further details on how to sign up are available in the PCCS Newsletter.


Dates to Save



  • September 21st – Spanish Test
    • September 22th – Math Test
    • September 23rd – Fun Food Friday
    • September 30th – ECOHeroes field trip