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9/30/2022 Newsletter

Hello Parents,

       It has been a busy week in 5th grade!  Our current school initiative is to destress in nature!  While we had a quick dive into fall weather, we were still able to get outside and enjoy some sun!  We harvested carrots and took walks in nature, spending time to notice the beauty of the world around us.  Remember next week is short with an early release on Thursday and no school on Friday.  We hope you have some time this weekend to enjoy the wonderful fall weather and are able to take some time as a family to destress in nature!

Social Studies News:

  • We finished our section on the Southern Colonies by creating a flip book to use as a study guide later in the unit, and playing a game of Jeopardy
  • Next week we will be starting to discuss the New England colonies

Language Arts News:

  • We had our first round of spelling quizzes.  Overall the students did well, but they were able to do word work activities on the words they missed in order to continue practicing and gain more points
  • We are getting deeper into our novel study and examining how the symbols in the book are seen and used throughout our reading.  Ask your child what exciting thing happened to Esperanza and her family this week!
  • Next week we will be learning about paragraphs by turning our descriptive carrot sentences into strong paragraphs.

Psimaras Math News:

  • Focused on division drills using, the link is also located in Psimaras Math Google Classrooms. This link can also provide other math flash-card type practice (fractions, decimals, integers). Students are encouraged to practice these skills daily
  • Took notes and used area model to show how to solve division problems using remainders
  • Interpreted remainders in story problems to determine if the remainders are written in fraction form, decimal form (money), or rounded up
  • Next week, we will take the Unit 1 Test in two parts on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students started the Unit 1 Study Guide in class today. Students should complete and return study guide on Monday ready to ask questions and go over answers

Science News:

  • Discussed the engineering process as we think about a different catapult design and how to make rules and improvements on the catapult game project
  • Students shared and played their catapult games with the 5th graders
  • Spent some time outside during EE to encourage “Destress in Nature”, this month’s Green Challenge
  • Next week, we will discuss what elements are needed in the world to help living organisms thrive as we begin our Natural Resource and Sustainability Unit

Mark Your Calendar: 

10/06/2022 – Early Release 1:00 pm

10/07/2022 – No School – Teacher in Service

10/10/2022 – No School – Columbus Day  

10/16/2022 – PSO Harvest Fest 

10/21/2022 – October Natural Leader Assembly

10/28/2022 – Early Release