2016 Earth Week Schedule

Here is the tentative Earth week schedule, for our class next week. Subject to changes based on weather and overall needs. Please ensure your child comes tot school prepared for a variety of outdoor activities. Thursday we will be off campus for lunch, so please ensure there are no “heat-up” items in your child’s lunch that day.

Thank you all so much for your partnership in making next week’s activities possible:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 Unpack/Announcements Unpack/Announcements Unpack/Announcements Unpack/Announcements Unpack/Announcements
8:10 Opening Ceremony (Morning Hike or) Bird Nest Vid Work on nests, superhero trash-ion & class superhero tasks Bike Trip Trash-ion/robot design
Checking bike helmets
9:00 Cooking Day
Bike Trip Scavenger hunt
9:20 Wild Life Center 9:30
Need bike, helmet, other protective gear, non-heat up lunches in a backpack, water bottle
9:50 PE Spanish
10:30 Snunch
10:40 Buckthorn removal/Gardening
Trash-ion final touches/eco-robot design
11:00 Spanish Recess
Recess/Lunch Study Hall Lunch 11:30 Closing at 12
12:30 5-6 DUB Art
Pack Up
1:10 Carpool
1:20 Solo spots Future Letters
2:00 Trash-ion design
2:10 Thank you letters to volunteers Hike & collect items for “nest”
Eco-robot design/Green game?
3:00 Study Hall Study Hall Study Hall Study Hall
3:15 Pack Up Pack Up Pack Up Pack Up
3:30 Carpool Carpool Carpool Carpool