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12/9/2022 Newsletter


   What a fun day!  Thank you so much to all the parents that helped make the Holiday Bazaar a success.  It was wonderful to watch the students thoughtfully pick out gifts for their friends and family.  Please make sure to look through your child’s Friday folder with them, and keep the student work (other than math quizzes!).  The folder should come back to school on Monday. On another exciting note, we are starting to plan the 5th grade camping trip!  Mark your calendars for May 24-25.  We will be sending more detailed information after winter break.

Psimaras Math:

  • Learned patterns in the placement of the decimal point when multiplying or dividing by Powers of 10
  • Took quiz on decimal word names, comparing decimals, and adding and subtracting decimals
  • Next week, we will understand how decimals fit on a number line up to the tenths place value and round numbers to the hundredths place


  • Mapped different livestock ranch land plans and discussed how these plans can be sustainable 
  • Compared advantages and disadvantages of organic farming to conventional farming 
  • Next week we will take conclude the Natural Resource and Sustainability Unit with an acrostic poem and quiz


  • We practiced our R.A.C.E. writing in preparation for the Esperanza Rising quiz they took on Thursday.
  • We worked on determining character traits.
  • Next week we will continue to work through our novel and review parts of speech.

Social Studies:

  • We have been digging deeper into the events that led to the American Revolution.
  • The students enjoyed a tea party (with Raspberry Zinger tea) while making boycott posters and also had to create new Liberty Poles after the British troops took theirs down.
  • Next week we will follow the last few steps to the Declaration of Independence.

Upcoming Dates:

12/10 – PCCS Hosts Boys Basketball Tournament 10:00 am

12/13 – PCCS Hosts Boys Basketball Tournament 4:30 pm

12/15 – PCCS Hosts Boys Basketball Tournament 4:30 pm

12/16 – Fun Food Friday

12/16 – Natural Leader Assembly

12/21 – Winter Holiday Sing 8:00 am and 2:00 pm

12/22 – Classroom Parties 11:45 am

12/22 – Early Release 1:00 pm student dismissal

12/23 – Winter Break Begins

01/09 – School Resumes