12/3 Newsletter

ELA News:

  • Worked on Slide 3 for our Book Clubs and turned assignment in on Friday
  • Began brainstorming for our Persuasive Essay, “Should Animals be Kept in Zoos?”
  • Completed spelling activities and took test on Week 2 words
  • Began an “Ugly Holiday Sweater” assignment for a Book Club character, due on 12/17
  • Next week, we will discuss the elements of a Story Arc and add ideas to our Persuasive Essay

Social Studies News:

  • Discussed the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
  • Outlined the events of the Battle of Lexington and Concord
  • Completed and reviewed a Study Guide for our Road to the Revolution test on Monday
  • Next week, we will begin looking at the major battles and the aftermath of the Revolutionary War

Shin Math News:

  • Began Module 3: Rational Numbers
  • Looked at positive and negative integers on the number line
  • Compared rational numbers on the number line
  • Interpreted magnitude as absolute value
  • Next week, students consider the order of numbers on a coordinate plane

Psimaras Math News:

  • Began Unit 3: Place Value and Decimals
  • Took Decimal Place Value Checkpoint Quiz
  • Added and subtracted decimals; compared problems to money
  • Wrote and named decimals in base numeral form, name form, and expanded form
  • Will use number lines to round numbers to the nearest whole, tenths, and hundredths and learn how to convert different sized measurements within the metric system

Science News:

  • Concluded the Fish Game with an understanding of the effects of overusing a resource
  • Used SuperSaver Program to learn about non-renewable energy sources: uranium, coal, oil, and natural gas
  • Interpreted information about renewable/non-renewable from circle, line, and bar graphs
  • Participated in an oil extraction simulation to see the difficulty of limited resources over time
  • Will review the three pillars of sustainability and prepare for the Sustainability and Natural Resources test

Upcoming Dates

12/07 – Board of Directors Meeting 7:00 pm

12/01 – Early Release

12/20 – Winter break Begins

01/03 – School Resumes

01/12 – 2nd Trimester Midterm