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12/2/2022 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! Please ask your child to show you their Friday Folder. They filled out a self-evaluation and will have some of their work to share with you. In this folder, you will find the Holiday Bazaar envelopes with instructions for Friday’s Holiday Bazaar in the gym. Students will have the opportunity to shop for their family and friends. Each gift is $1.00! A huge thank you to the parents volunteering and organizing this event. Donations are still being collected next week. Gift bags are always in need and all donations are appreciated. Thank you!


  • We worked on conjunctions and prepositions.
  • We have started to work more independently on Esperanza Rising.
  • Next week we will continue in our book and work on our writing skills.

Social Studies:

  • This week we started talking about the events leading up to the American Revolution.
  • Students have created a character and are writing in a diary about this character’s responses and reactions to the many taxes placed on the colonists.
  • Next week we will have more taxes headed our way and reflect on how these changed life in the colonies and ultimately led to the revolution.

Psimaras Math:

  • We started Unit 3 on decimals with a focus on writing decimals as base ten numerals, number word names, and using expanded form.
  • We used a base ten chart to review place values: thousands, hundreds, tens, ones, tenths, hundredths, and thousandths.
  • We solved adding and subtracting decimals, created story problems, and made connections between decimals and fractions.
  • Next week we will learn patterns in the placement of the decimal point when multiplying or dividing by Powers of 10 and will take a quiz on concepts we have covered so far.


  • We played the fish game to simulate the importance of sustainable harvesting practices.
  • Students decided on their eco-friendly house group systems, tallied their budgets, and evaluated different groups’ systems.
  • We started a Ranch Management Plan to discuss the importance of farming choices.

Upcoming Dates:

12/06/2022 – Boys Basketball Home Game 4:30

12/09/2022 – Holiday Bazaar

12/10/2022 – PCCS Hosts Boys Basketball Tournament 10:00 am

12/13/2022 – PCCS Hosts Boys Basketball Tournament 4:30 pm

12/15/2022 – PCCS Hosts Boys Basketball Tournament 4:30 pm

12/16/2022 – Fun Food Friday

12/16/2022 – Natural Leader Assembly

12/21/2022 – Winter Holiday Sing 8:00 am and 2:00 pm

12/22/2022 – Classroom Parties 11:45 am

12/22/2022 – Early Release 1:00 pm student dismissal

12/23/2022 – Winter Break Begins

01/09/2023 – School Resumes