11/5 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

As the lyrics go… if I could turn back time? Luckily, this weekend we can! We hope you all have a chance to enjoy your extra hour this weekend. Probably a good time for all of us to catch up on some sleep!!

A quick favor to ask… we have been routinely supplying masks for students in our rooms and we are running very low. If you could please ensure that your child comes to school with at least two masks, that would be really helpful. Thank you!

 ELA News:

  • Introduced figurative language with the story, “The Big Catch.”
  • Shared some of our writing with Author’s Chair.
  • Next week, we will begin a reflection of the work we’ve done this trimester and students will begin reading a novel in Book Clubs.

Social Studies News:

  • Created a timeline of events leading up to the Revolutionary War
  • Took notes on important dates and names
  • Next week, we will honor our veterans on Veterans Day and begin an Escape Room on the Boston Tea Party

Shin Math News:

  • Reviewed adding and subtracting numbers containing hundredth and thousandth place values.
  • Used partial products to multiply multiple digit decimal numbers.
  • Learned and applied the distributive property in their work using partial products.
  • Utilized rounding and estimation to justify their answers.
  • Next week, students will divide using the division algorithm and apply it to multiple digit decimal numbers.
  • Book Project is due Nov. 8

Psimaras Math News:

  • Took quiz that will covered adding and subtracting unlike denominators using clock and money models and fractions times a whole number
  • Continued to work on River Trail Project to solve real world problems using whole number times a fraction, equivalent fractions, and adding and subtracting of fractions with unlike denominators
  • Discussed unit fractions while solving double number line problems
  • Will use ratio tables to find equivalent fractions and make comparisons in best buy problems

Science News:

  • Continued to work on posters that depict the Agri-Food cycle
  • Discussed the advantages and disadvantages between organic and conventional farming and took Sustainability Quiz
  • Read about natural resources as energy sources
  • Will learn about solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and hydropower renewable energies

Important Dates:

11/11/2021 – Field Trip to CLC

11/11/2021 – Veterans Day

11/11/2021 – Fun Food Friday (on a Thursday)

11/12/2021 – Early Release End of First Trimester

11/16/2021 – Blood Drive 1:00- 6:30 pm

11/19/2021 – Holiday Bazaar

11/19/2021 – Natural Leader Assembly

11/22/2021 – Early Release – Conferences

11/23/2021 – Early Release – Conferences

11/24/2021 – No School Thanksgiving Break 11/24 – 11/26