Dear Families,

We would like to express a heartfelt thank you to all organizations of PSO and the PCCS families. We genuinely appreciate Friday’s parade, slideshow, messages, and notes. Seeing your smiling faces deeply touch us. We are lucky to have such support in our community.

 Kudos to our 5th graders and their families for their knowledge, courage, and time to make water conservation videos during the inspirational Natural Leader Assembly this week. Let’s continue to motivate others to take care of the environment. Keeping with the theme of gratitude, Mrs. Gernady and Mrs. Meyer joined our homeroom classes to speak of the importance of daily thankfulness and mindfulness. We can appreciate even the smallest things to keep and spread a positive mindset.

 Math News: We started our study on Base 10 and place value numbers. Students had an opportunity to explore “A Cool Problem”. They used their problem-solving skills to discover how area and perimeter are related to garden planting as a scaled drawing. They enjoyed collaborating with partners and sharing answers as a class. I look forward to seeing their work!

Advanced Math News: Mr. Ben Shin introduced himself and started to work with the students this week. On Monday, November 30, the students in his class will meet in his Zoom in the afternoon. The new Trimester 2 schedule will reflect these changes. Please look for separate email communications from him.

Science News: Students continued to work in their Science Packet. The students developed a Ranch Development Plan by choosing different livestock to thrive on an acre of land. They learned about grazing limitations and needs as they graphed their selected livestock on a grid. We discussed how different climates affect the conditions and availability of resources. Students researched arid climates and revised their ranch plan to create a more sustainable land.

EE News: We continued our discussion of pollinators during EE this week. Students turned in their Pollinator Garden grids on Friday. Thank you for sending a digital copy to Ms. Naomi. They learned so much about native plants and the planning process as they mapped an aesthetically pleasing garden. We can’t wait to start the planting process in the spring!

ELA News: This week, all students should finish reading their class novels, Esperanza Rising or The Orphan of Ellis Island. Book Club Slides for Week 4-6 should be completed by Monday, 11/30. We will give class time on Monday and Tuesday for students to work, and we’ll offer assistance to any students that have fallen behind. Please check in with your child, if possible, and ask about their progress. The final Book Club Slides 7 and 8 are analysis and summary slides for the novels and will be completed as a class during the week of November 30. A final test for both books will be given on Monday, 12/7. We have learned so much from this novel study, and many students have commented on how much they have enjoyed the books.

 Social Studies: Our study of the events leading up to the Revolutionary War is well underway, and we’ve been busy taking notes on many dates and facts. It’s important that students keep up with their notetaking in their social studies notebooks. If your child is absent and missing any notes, please remind them to watch the Zoom recordings posted in Google Classroom or reach out to a teacher for a copy. We will continue to have Notebook Checks – our first one was last week – to ensure that everyone is writing down the information. Students can expect a quiz on the events leading up to the Revolution on Friday, 12/4.

Trimester 2 Schedule Update:

Thank you all for your patience as we finalize the new schedule changes that will take effect on Monday, November 30. We had hoped to get the new schedules out by the end of last week, but we needed a bit of extra time with some last-minute adjustments. Please look for an email from Mrs. Zimmerman and Miss King on Monday with your child’s new schedule. They did an amazing job creating a personalized schedule – according to color-coded groups – for each student with all embedded Zoom links. We recommend that each student add this new schedule to their bookmark bar for easy access.

 We understand that this change may be welcome for some and create some challenges for others. Please note that although the student composition of the ELA classes will be changing, the curriculum delivered to each class will be the same. This is also true for both of the math classes taught by Mrs. Psimaras. The math curriculum taught by Mr. Shin to the “Blue Math” group will be the only math curriculum that will change.

 Science and social studies classes will continue to be taught in homeroom groups and will now meet five days a week. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have.

 Upcoming Dates

Monday, November 23 – Conferences-Early Dismissal Conferences

Tuesday, November 24 – Conferences-Early Dismissal Conferences

Wednesday, November 25 – Friday, November 27 – Thanksgiving Break

Friday, December 11 – Supply Drop-Off/Pick Up

Friday, December 18 – Early Release

December 21 through January 3 – Winter Break

Monday, January 4 – School Resumes

 We look forward to meeting you during parent conferences and wishing you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving Break!

 With gratitude,

 The 5th Grade Team