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11/11/2022 Newsletter


   What a fast week we had!  With such beautiful weather, we were able to enjoy heading outside and looking at the signs for fall as well as taking time to do some nature journaling.  

Conferences are coming up quickly and we are so excited to chat with you about your child.  Conferences this year will look a little different than in the past.  On Monday the 21, you will be able to sign up for a timeslot with your child’s homeroom teacher.  If you would also like to speak with the other 5th grade teacher, there will be times available Tuesday the 22nd. Please email that teacher directly and they will let you know their availability.  All conferences are 10 minutes long, and we will need to do our best to keep to that schedule so that we have time to talk to everyone.  If you have a more in-depth concern please reach out to the teacher you would like to speak with to find time for a longer conversation.


22-23 Fall Conference Sign Up: Loiacano Homeroom Students

22-23 Fall Conference Sign Up: Psimaras Homeroom Students


Psimaras Math:

  • Reviewed multiplication strategies and Trimester 1 concepts from Units 1 & 2
  • Worked with digital number line models to learn about fractions of a whole number
  • Illustrated the River Trail story problem by combining different fractions of a whole number to solve
  • Started to work on problems on the Unit 2 Study Guide for the Adding and Subtracting Fraction test next Thursday



  • Continued to work in the Sustainability Unit and compare the usage of nonrenewable to renewable energies
  • Discussed specific ways to conserve energy
  • Next week families will receive their Energy Action Team Kit similar to the Super Saver Program we have used in the past. This kit includes items you can use in your home (or donate to someone else) to save energy:


  • This week we talked about the comprehension quizzes the students took and students were able to make changes.
  • We continued to read and discuss the novel.


  • We learned about the fur trade and spent time exploring beavers and why they were in such high demand.
  • We will have time Monday and Tuesday to review in order to be ready for the test on Wednesday.

PCCS News:

Change in Dismissal

In a continued effort to keep the students of PCCS safe. Beginning Monday, November 7th, the Geothermal field will be off-limits during school dismissal time, from 3:30, until 4:00 pm. If your child is a walker and you usually meet them near the area, the new walker pick-up location will be at the bike rack on the north side of the Carson building. If your child walks home alone they will continue to use the designated PCCS crosswalks to cross the streets around PCCS safely. We thank you for your cooperation and ask that you please communicate this change with your child.

PCCS is hosting a Scholastic Book Fair during parent conferences hours on November 21st & 22nd. This fair will be  cash free. You can use a credit card, or pre-pay and place a set amount of money into a Scholastic E-Wallet Account for your child to use freely during sale hours.  You can learn more about this HERE.

Please consider volunteering your time to help make our fair a success. We are looking for organizers to help set up the fair, as well as cashiers throughout the conferences. Please click HERE to learn more and to sign up!

Upcoming Dates:

11/15 – PCCS Blood Drive in the Byron Colby Barn 1:00 pm

11/21 – Early Release Parent Conferences and Bookfair

11/22 – Early Release Parent Conferences and Bookfair

11/23 – No School

11/24 – No School Thanksgiving Day

11/25 – No School