10/8 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We had a short, but VERY busy week filled with lots of opportunities for students to showcase their best work. We wish everyone a nice long weekend doing what brings you and your family joy. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back in the classroom on Tuesday!

ELA News:

  • Completed Book Cover planning sheet and final project
  • Took Week 3 spelling test
  • Read “The Perfect Candidate”
  • Next week we will revise and edit our Personal Narrative essays

Social Studies News:

  • Performed our skits about the Thirteen Colonies
  • Took notes about each region of the colonies
  • Next week we will synthesize the information we’ve learned to begin an informational essay

Shin Math News:

  • Understood percents as a quotient of a part and a whole
  • Converted percents to decimals to fractions and vice versa
  • Determined the missing piece given two out of percent, part, and whole
  • Began review of Module 1
  • Next week students will take their Module 1 End-of-Module Assessment on Wednesday

Psimaras Math News:

  • Reviewed volume, numerical expressions, and equations
  • Solved division problems with remainders
  • Took Unit 1 Test
  • Will solve division problems and start Unit 2: Fractions

Science News:

  • Reflected on the accuracy of their catapult measurement
  • Completed their catapult game sheet and demonstrated their game in class
  • Brainstormed information to include on the 5th grade pollinator garden sign during EE
  • Will begin the next unit in science: Conservation and Sustainability

Next week PCCS has planned a fun Spirit Week! Please see the daily activities below:

Tuesday 10/12

  • Spiritwear Tuesday If 75%  of the class wears PCCS gear, old or new, including Earthweek shirts, sports team shirts, etc., the class will get a medallion.  *Students that don’t own Spirit Wear can create their own using a variety of methods. 

Wednesday 10/13 

  • Kindness Wednesday.  Each class will create an activity which spreads the message of kindness. 

Thursday 10/14

  • Green or white or black-out Wednesday… dress in solid green, white or black from the waist up — no logos, stripes, or anything… extra points for matching hats, scarves, dyed hair, etc! Classes with 75% participation will receive a symbol for their class spirit medallion.

Friday 10/15

  • Hawk Pride Friday! Decorate your Door to show your class Hawk’s Pride!!