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10/7/2022 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We hope you are enjoying your long weekend can have time to refresh. Soak in the fall temperatures and appreciate all the colors of fall as we model how to distress in nature.

Psimaras Math:

  • Reviewed multiples to help solve division problems 
  • Completed and corrected Unit 1 study guide
  • Took Unit 1 test and started test corrections
  • Next week, please sign your child’s test and encourage corrections for half points back. We will begin Unit 2 on Fractions, see attached unit highlights 


  • Reflected about the similarities and differences and thriving societies in the world while completing the 100 People in a Village assignment
  • Discussed the future world and how sustainable practices are being incorporated in some highly populated cities
  • Read about some cities have less sustainable/natural resources and how decisions can impact their futures
  • Next week, we will learn about the different types of of renewable and nonrenewable energies

Social Studies News:

  • This week we learned about the Plymouth colony
  • We also started to examin some early constitutions (the Mayflower Compact and the Fundamental Order of Connecticut).
  • Next week, we will continue to learn about the New England colonies

Language Arts News:

  • This week we started to talk about how to build a strong paragraph (ask your child what they like on their burger!)
  • We also went outside to de-stress in nature, while living out a scene from our novel, Esperanza Rising.
  • Next week, we will continue to build on our writing skills and find out what happens next in our novel.

Upcoming Dates:

10/07 – No School – Teacher in Service

10/10 – No School – Columbus Day  

10/16 – PSO Harvest Fest 

10/21 – October Natural Leader Assembly

10/28 – Early Release

Picture Retake Information:

Bridges Unit 2 Family Letter: