10/29 Newsletter

Dear Parents, 

It was wonderful to see all the students in their creative and fun Halloween costumes today. A huge thank you to our classroom coordinators for their flexibility, time, and organization. We thoroughly enjoyed the festivities!! 

Reminder about upcoming field trip:

On Thursday, November 11, the 5th graders will be taking a morning field trip to CLC as an extension for their Natural Resource and Sustainability Unit in science. They will tour different areas on the CLC campus and learn how the community utilizes sustainable practices. The cost of the field trip is $6.00. Students will leave at 9:15am and return at 11:15am. They will return to PCCS for recess and lunch. 

A field trip fee totaling $6 has been billed to your child’s account via Powerschool / Edutrak. To make payment by credit card please log into Powerschool and choose “Pay Fees” from the navigation bar on the left. Once you are redirected to Edutrak kindly choose the GREEN SCHOOL HOUSE ICON to see fees that have been billed to your students account. By selecting the check box along the right side of the screen you can place the open item in your shopping cart. Complete all of the steps to make payment by credit card (a service fee will be billed). If you are making payment by check or cash you do not need to log into Powerschool…just send your payment in an envelope with your student’s name on it to the office. Payment is due by 11/04/2021. If you need additional time please email Kim Disalvo at kdisalvo@pccharterschool.org for payment arrangements.

ELA News:

  • Used a biography of Kerri Strug to practice citing text evidence
  • Practiced supporting an opinion with facts using IXL
  • Took Week 5 spelling test
  • Next week we will identify and use figurative language

Social Studies News:

  • Reviewed and took a test on the Thirteen Colonies
  • Took notes on Patriots and Loyalists
  • Began watching an animated series, “Liberty’s Kids,” to understand the events leading up to the American Revolution
  • Next week we will begin a timeline on specific historical events

We will begin a short research project next month on the founders of our country. For this project, we will need several empty 2 liter bottles. If you have any of these bottles you would be willing to donate, please send them to school with your student.

Shin Math News:

  • Determined the quotient of mixed numbers divided by mixed numbers
  • Converted mixed numbers to improper fractions
  • Used equations to find quotients
  • Will study the use of partial fractions to find the product of decimals
  • Book Project is due Nov. 8

Psimaras Math News:

  • Reviewed long division steps
  • Multiplied fractions times a whole number
  • Began River Trail Project to solve real world problems using whole number times a fraction, equivalent fractions, and adding and subtracting of fractions with unlike denominators
  • Will take quiz that will cover adding and subtracting unlike denominators using clock and money models

Science News:

  • Discussed the Agri-food steps of how food is planted, harvested, distributed, eaten and disposed 
  • Learned about the differences between conventional farming and organic farming
  • Continued to work on posters that depict the Agri-Food cycle to be due on 11/5. 
  • Students will receive Com-Ed’s Energy Saver Kits and will discuss the different forms of renewable energy

Upcoming Dates:

11/01 – Operation Gratitude and Trick or Trash collections begin

11/11 – 5th Grade Field Trip to CLC & also Fun Food Friday (on a Thursday)

11/12- Early Release End of First Trimester

11/15 – Virtual Literacy Night  6:30-7:30pm  RSVP HERE by 11/10 (see attached PDF)

11/16 – Blood Drive 1:00- 6:30 pm

11/19 – Holiday Bazaar

11/19 – Natural Leader Assembly

11/22 – Early Release – Conferences

11/23 – Early Release – Conferences

11/24 – No School Thanksgiving Break 11/24 – 11/26