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10/28/2022 Newsletter


We had a wonderful field trip today learning about all the great green features at CLC.  The kids really enjoyed the green houses and being able to go on the roof to see the solar panels up close.  Thank you so much to all the parents that joined us and made this trip possible!  Thank you to the lounge angles for lunch this week – it was delicious!  We are looking forward to the Halloween parties on Monday.  Please remember that students should bring their costumes to school and will change before the party.  Therefore, costumes need to be easy to put on and have minimal make up.  Please, no weapons or blood/gore, and masks cannot cover the full face (we need to know who is under there!).  Enjoy your Halloween Weekend!

Social Studies News:

  • This week we learned about how New Amsterdam turned into New York.
  • The students had fun presenting readers theater play.
  • Next week we will continue learning about the middle colonies.

ELA News:

  • The students finished their haunted house paragraphs and art work. They turned out great and should be headed home next week for you to see!
  • We have been working through Esperanza Rising and working through the various types of figurative language and looking at how the characters have changed during their train ride.
  • Next week we will continue to dig into our novel, and get back into our spelling and grammar work.

Psimaras Math:

  • Completed division problems using traditional method of dividing, multiplying, subtracting and bringing down with 1 digit divisors
  • Solved addition and subtraction fractions using least common multiples
  • Showed ratio tables to form equivalent fractions
  • Next week, we will take a checkpoint on adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators


  • Created group solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, and biomass newscasts through the lenses of engineers, historians, investigators, and analyzers
  • Toured College of Lake County to view their sustainable renewable resources: solar geothermal systems, water conservation, and visited their green house and apiary
  • Next week, groups will present their newscast of their assigned renewable resource

Upcoming Dates:

10/31 – Halloween parade and parties

11/08 – Election Day – No School

11/11 – Early Release and end of 1st Trimester

11/21/2022 – Early Release Parent Conferences

11/22/2022 – Early Release Parent Conferences

11/23/2022 – No School

11/24/2022 – No School Thanksgiving Day

11/25/2022 – No School