10/22 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

As we get closer to Halloween, there is definitely a feeling of excitement in the air! We will be having an outdoor celebration for Halloween on Friday, October 29th. We encourage the students to bring their costumes and we will allow time for them to change before the party. Please note that full face masks or weapons of any kind are not allowed. The party will take place from 2:15-3:15.

ELA News:

  • Discussed theme with an Aesop’s Fable, “The Miller, His Son, and the Donkey”
  • Took Week 4 spelling test
  • Shared our writing in “Author’s Chair”
  • Next week we will discuss making predictions using text evidence

Social Studies News:

  • Read Time for Kids: A Show of Strength and began a quiz on the material
  • Brainstormed topics from our Thirteen Colonies notes and organized the information into categories
  • Began a study guide for our test on Wednesday 
  • Next week we will discuss some of the founders of our country

Shin Math News:

  • Determine the quotient of a fraction divided by a fraction
  • Rewrite division sentences into multiplication sentences understanding the relationship between the two operations
  • Simplify common factors between the numerator and denominator
  • Understand and utilize the multiplicative inverse
  • Work with decimals and fractions, and rewrite mixed numbers as improper fractions
  • Use equations to find quotients

Psimaras Math News:

  • Used clock and money models to add and subtract fractions with like and unlike denominators
  • Decomposed improper fractions to make mixed numbers 
  • Plotted fractional values and mixed numbers on number lines
  • Will explore fractions story problem and begin the River Trail Project and take a checkpoint on fractions on Thursday

Science News:

  • Created circle graphs to display information about environmental concerns using statistics from the book the “World is a Village of 100 People”
  • Discussed the 3 pillars of Sustainability: Environment, Economy, and Society
  • Worked on an activity for our October Green Challenge: learn about food choices

On Thursday, November 11, the 5th graders will be taking a morning field trip to CLC as an extension of their Natural Resource and Sustainability Unit in science. They will tour different areas on the CLC campus and learn how the community utilizes sustainable practices. The cost of the field trip is $6.00. Students will leave at 9:15am and return at 11:15am, and will return to PCCS for recess and lunch. 

A field trip fee totaling $6 has been billed to your child’s account via Powerschool / Edutrak. To make payment by credit card please log into Powerschool and choose “Pay Fees” from the navigation bar on the left. Once you are redirected to Edutrak kindly choose the GREEN SCHOOL HOUSE ICON to see fees that have been billed to your students account. By selecting the check box along the right side of the screen you can place the open item in your shopping cart. Complete all of the steps to make payment by credit card (a service fee will be billed). If you are making payment by check or cash you do not need to log into Powerschool…just send your payment in an envelope with your student’s name on it to the office. Payment is due by 11/04/2021. If you need additional time please email Kim Disalvo at kdisalvo@pccharterschool.org for payment arrangements.

Important Dates:

10/26/2021 – Board Meeting Agenda

10/29/2021 – Halloween Parties

11/01/2021 – Operation Gratitude and Trick or Trash collections begin

11/11/2021 – Fun Food Friday (on a Thursday)

11/12/2021 – Early Release End of First Trimester

11/16/2021 – Blood Drive 1:00- 6:30 pm