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10/21/2022 Newsletter

Dear Parents, 

The 5th Grade Field Trip to College of Lake County this Early Release Friday, October 28. Below is the information about the trip. CLC Field Trip Letter 

Psimaras Math: 

  • Completed division problems using traditional method of dividing, multiplying, subtracting and bringing down with 1 digit divisors
  • Reviewed how make the remainder into a fraction
  • Converted mixed numbers to improper fractions 
  • Used clock models to solve addition fraction problems
  • Next week, we will use solve addition and subtraction fractions using least common multiples and take a checkpoint on adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators


  • Researched renewable energies: solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, and biomass through the lenses of engineers, historians, investigators, and analyzers
  • Learned about coal, one of the nonrenewable resources, and the years it takes for it to be developed
  • Made habitats for bees using containers and straws and started this month’s green challenge: Leave No Trace
  • Next week, groups will create a scrip for a newscast of their assigned renewable resource. We will also see how our campuses around us use renewable practices

ELA News:

  • We started a new, spooky, writing project.  With this descriptive paragraph, we are working through the different steps of writing, from brainstorming to final draft.
  • We continued to read Esperanza Rising and are watching Esperanza begin to grow as a character.
  • Next week we will finish our writing project, and start preparing for our first Esperanza Rising comprehension check.

Social Studies News:

  • This week we spent time learning about the Salem Witch trials and evaluating the fairness of the trials.
  • We also learned about some of the important people that helped to start Rhode Island.
  • Next week we will review the New England colonies and begin talking about the middle colonies.

Upcoming Dates:

10/25 – Board Nomination Committee Meeting 3:30 pm Agenda

10/25 – Finance Committee Meeting 6:00 pm Agenda

10/25 – Board Meeting 7:00 pm Agenda

10/28 – Early Release 1:00pm

10/28 – 5th Grade Field trip to CLC 9-11am

10/31 – Halloween parade and parties

11/08 – Election Day – No School

11/11 – Early Release and end of 1st Trimester