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10/14/2022 Newsletter

Hello Families,

    It has been a busy short week!  The kids had fun sharing their stories about their long weekends.  Thank you so much to the parents that helped coordinate and serve today’s lunch, the students and the teachers greatly appreciate it!  Your child is bringing home a form about a field trip we are planning to take to CLC on Friday the 28th.  There is more information later in this email!

Social Studies:

  • This week we learned a little bit about some of the indigenous tribes that interacted with the colonists.
  • We have also been examining what Puritan life was like in the New England colonies.
  • Next week we will finish our study of the New England colonies.


  • This week we worked on hamburger paragraph writing.  Ask your child which part of the burger is which!
  • We also finished chapter four in Esperanza Rising.  We have been discussing various examples of figurative language as well as watching how the characters change through their experiences.
  • Next week we will do more writing projects and find out what is in store for Esperanza next!

Psimaras Math:

  • Finalized Unit 1 test corrections – thank you for signing and returning
  • Completed division problems using traditional method with 1 digit divisors and 3 digit dividends with and without remainders
  • Started Unit 2 about fractions with an emphasis on adding and subtracting fractions using money models
  • Next week, we will continue our study on division and fractions using clock models 


  • Compared how the population growth of two different cities in the world impacts available environmental resources 
  • Read an article about sustainability and began to discuss the environmental, societal, and economic factors toward a sustainable future
  • Defined renewable and nonrenewable resources 
  • Next week, we will research different types of renewable resources, discuss group collaboration strategies, and prepare to present information to the class

5th Grade Field Trip to College of Lake County on Early Release Friday, October 28

  • 9-11am
  • We will contact parents to assist with supervision during the trip 
  • Return payment of $6.00 cash or check preferred by Monday, October 24
  • 5th Grade Field Trip Permission Slip/Info – print or bring slip back with payment by Monday, October 24

Upcoming Dates:

10/16 – PSO Harvest Fest 

10/21 – October Natural Leader Assembly

10/28 – Early Release and CLC Field Trip

10/31 – Halloween Party