Mrs. Zimmerman

Grade: 5 Position: Instructional Assistant

Kristen Zimmerman started at PCCS in 2017 as a Substitute Teacher. After volunteering in her daughters’ classrooms, helping out the PSO, and working with teachers and parents as the Classroom Coordinator Lead, Mrs. Zimmerman learned first-hand what a caring and nurturing community PCCS is.  She was introduced to just about every teaching role in PCCS through subbing and enjoyed everything about the school. She knew she needed to be a more integral part of the school in a more consistent and impactful position. Mrs. Zimmerman earned a degree in Psychology at Illinois State University.  She worked in the corporate world for 13 years in Human Resources and Learning and Development. After having her twin daughters, Mrs. Zimmerman returned to the workforce as an Assistant Teacher in a preschool, which lead her to being a sub at PCCS. These roles have taught her how more fulfilling and rewarding it is to teach children.  Being a resident of Prairie Crossing, she loves that her kids and students are learning about nature, literally in her own backyard. She values the importance of the healthy and active lifestyle that PCCS promotes. Her favorite one sentence quote is “Do the right thing even when no one is looking”. If she were 80 years old, one thing she would tell her grandchildren is to live life to the fullest, be proud of who you are, and always be kind to others.