Mrs. Vanderbilt

Position: Occupational Therapist

Katie Vanderbilt joined our team in 2005 has always enjoyed working with students of various abilities to become as independent as possible within the school environment. Mrs. Vanderbilt holds a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. Prior to coming to PCCS Mrs. Vanderbilt enjoyed helping families in a private pediatric practice, in early intervention, and twice a week in an early childhood program.

PCCS classrooms and teachers are unique in that they are able to really adapt the classroom setting to create learning tools for children to be more successful from using stand-up desks to getting outside for a movement break. Having the opportunity to be here has only influenced Mrs. Vanderbilt’s environmental stewardship into her family’s every day life from recycling to composting and beyond. Most people may not know that Mrs. Vanderbilt grew up on a farm. Agriculture, gardening and just being outside were always part of her family’s daily lifestyle. She appreciates and likes that parents and staff here at PCCS actively work together with a common goal of creating natural leaders.