Mrs. Tomei

Position: Special Education Instructional Assistant

Mrs. Tomei started at PCCS in 2008 . Growing up as a child in Northern rural Wisconsin, Mrs. Tomei was attracted to PCCS for its size and focus on providing a small, close knit teaching environment and teaching students to respect and appreciate our earth. Mrs. Tomei attended St. Norbert College, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. For 18 years she worked in the corporate insurance industry and then began a new career in education as a substitute teacher and paraprofessional.

Mrs. Tomei believes we each are responsible for doing our part to save and conserve our environment and its resources. As an educator and as a parent, she tries to teach all children to respect themselves and others as well as the world around them. Mrs. Tomei’s dog, Clover, is her alarm clock (and the annoying buzzing of her actual alarm clock).  Her mother is her role model and even though she is no longer here physically, she thinks of her everyday. A tough mom with tough rules, Mrs. Tomei has adopted many of her tendencies and instills the same love and values to her children that her mom did with her.