Janette Siegel

Position: Executive Assistant

Janette Siegel started at PCCS in 2004 and was attracted to PCCS because she believes in the Mission and Vision of the school. Mrs. Siegel has a professional background in the Financial Market. Once she had a family, she decided that she would rather work in an environment that helps produce happy healthy children.

Her relationship with nature is necessary and vital for her health and spiritual wellness. Mrs. Siegel likes to get outside as often as possible and working at PCCS allows her the opportunity to step out her door and enjoy all that the PCCS campus and surrounding environment has to offer. One interesting thing that people might not know about her is that she likes to make jewelry. What Mrs. Siegel likes most is the confident well spoken students that graduate from the nurturing learning environment at PCCS.

jsiegel@pccharterschool.org | (847) 548-1938