Shanna Coyle

Grade: School Nurse Position: School Nurse

Shanna Coyle joined PCCS as the Registered Nurse in fall 2018. She has been an RN since 2001, when she graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. She has over 10 years in critical care/trauma and 5 years as a recovery room nurse. When she learned PCCS had an opening for a nurse, she was excited for the chance to work at a school and especially one with such an important, unique focus! Nature gives her peace. She finds her calmest moments are when she is out for a run (she is training to run the Chicago Marathon in October) and immersed in the world around her, sans music or internet. ¬†She loves hearing the birds at Independence Grove and seeing the changes with the seasons. Our Earth is such a magnificent place, and she feels her part in it all is humbling. Her favorite book is The Giving Tree by Shell Silverstein. She loves its message of forever friendship. If she were 80, she would tell her grandchildren this: While it seems desirable to be rich or beautiful, the most important thing is to BE KIND. You don’t have to make everyone a close friend, but a simple smile and a “hello” goes a long way in life. Don’t change who you are to fit expectations of others. Be yourself, and you will find people who love you for you.