Yvonne Schaefer

Position: School Secretary

Yvonne Schaefer started working at PCCS in 2000 after her children began attending the school when it opened in 1999. She has worked in education for 20 years, first in preschool then here in elementary school.

She enjoys being outdoors in all weather. Each season offers many learning opportunities and here at PCCS we are able to go outside and use them as a learning tool. Something people may not know about Mrs. Schaefer is that she does Triathlons. She has been doing them since 2006 when some parents here at school got her involved. Mrs. Schaefer most likes that the kids get outside here at PCCS. Going outside allows students to learn in their own way. She believes that nature offers many different learning environments and PCCS tries to captivate on all of them. No matter how many times she’s seen it, whenever it’s on, Mrs. Schaefer has to watch The Breakfast Club.

pccsoffice@pccharterschool.org | (847) 543-9722