Mrs. Psimaras

Position: Instructional Assistant

Laura Psimaras started at PCCS in 2018 as an Instructional Assistant. As a former parent of two boys who attended PCCS for several years, she experienced her children grow into environmentally conscious individuals. She sees the tremendous value in the hands-on approach and the nature-learning opportunities PCCS provides. Laura’s education and experiences include a BA from Marquette University in elementary education, an MA in elementary school mathematics from Northeastern Illinois University and teaching middle schoolers for over 10 years. After a period of time to stay home to raise her family, she volunteered in schools, substitute taught, led a Cub Scout group and tutored children of all elementary school-aged levels. She enjoys the outdoors. Her hobbies include hiking, biking, camping, gardening, cooking and living a healthy lifestyle. She looks forward to helping children relate and develop a life-long appreciation of the environment. One interesting thing people might not know about Laura is her love for traveling. During her childhood years, she visited almost all of the states in the U.S. and many countries in Europe due to her family’s desire to experience new places. Her favorite quote is “Rise and Shine”. She remembers her mother waking her up every morning to this phrase to help her start a new day with a positive attitude.  Her favorite childhood book is The Velveteen Rabbit because it illustrates the magical power of real love and devotion.